6 Ways to Overcome Constipation In Pregnancy

Maintaining the health of the mother must be considered carefully because the health of a mother also affect the health of the baby in the womb, especially food which is eaten daily. Pay attention to diet and nutrition and nutrients into the body should also be considered because of nutrition and nutrition the baby’s mother also from the food eaten. If you want a healthy mother and a healthy baby should also eat foods that contain lots of nutrients and nutrients such as fiber, carbohydrates, minerals, calcium, iron, and various vitamins.
Serign interference experienced by many women during pregnancy is constipation. Most often suffer from constipation during pregnancy due to lack of fiber consumed, whereas fiber is needed to facilitate digestion and also good for the fetus inside. When pregnant should consume more fiber-seratan because the food intake more than usual because not only feed the mother but also to feed the content in it automatically dregs of food is also increasingly being transformed into stool, if less consuming fiber, the stool issued will also be more difficult. Here are ways to overcome constipation experienced by the mother during pregnancy, among others:
1. Do not Often Holding BAB
The bad habit that is often done when the pregnant mother is to resist when trying to defecate in the shower, but this habit is not good for the digestive health of the mother. If too often hold back bowel movements then the stool that is in the digestive samakin accumulate, if more and this will result in stacking stool stool will be hard and difficult to remove it. Therefore you should not procrastinate if you want to defecate due to defecation is removing debris inside the body if dirt in the body more menunmpuk jug is not good for health.
2. Many Consume Fiber
constipation-during-pregnancy1One way to prevent constipation the main thing is to consume fiber in the foods we eat. In addition to consuming fiber is good for the digestion of the mother but also the fetus is important because if a lot of eating fiber, the food we eat would be more quickly absorbed the nutrients and also produce manure that is easily excreted during defecation.
3. Consume Lots of Water
Already many of the content contained water when we consume every day, if we consume water every day on a regular basis then it will displace fluid out and could pave the way discharges. Ate from it for many pregnant women should consume 8 glasses of water every day to replace lost body fluids and facilitate bowel movements.
4. Sports and Physical Fitness
With our exercise will relieve constipation and also helps the digestive system to work optimally. It also will maintain their health and can also train physically and readiness of mothers in childbirth later.
5. Limit Iron Overload
Usually pregnant women often suffer from anemia more than before pregnancy and therefore frequently also consume extra vitamin or iron, but if the iron has been fulfilled should refrain from taking extra iron. Better gnti by consuming vitamin C can prevent the mother and the fetus from the disease.
6. Avoid Laxatives
Take laxatives can be dangerous if taken in excess because it feared would experience a disruption in the fetus. It’s better to consult a doctor for constipation and constipation natural anti consume.

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