This way the Right Face Wash


The face is the body part that is often seen and become one of the main body part that became the center of kepercaayan themselves. By having a clean face, white, and healthy is a much desired by everyone that is from among women and among men. Having a healthy face do need extra care because every day while on the move face exposed to a lot of dirt, dust, shock blistering matahhari that can damage the face if there is no treatment. One way you can do at home to treat the face to stay healthy is to wash your face routinely and regularly in order to avoid various problems on the face.

Lots disorder that affects the face that would create confidence declined as the most experienced people is acne and oily face, there are also other problems that arise on the face such as blackheads, acne scars dark spots, and many more. Therefore treating the face is one of the obligations to obtain a face healthy and clean as we would like. By washing the face alone can prevent and solve problems with the face but muncuci face the right way not just wash your face alone. There are ways that the doctor recommended to wash your face right and could solve the problems that exist on the face.
How the Right Face Wash
1. We recommend that if our outdoor activities that make our faces exposed to dirt and also sting sun is recommended to clean your face after a long day. When after a long day then do not delay again to clean the face due to dirt on the face immediately wash face with cleansing milk to remove all dirt upfront.
2. Using a facial cleanser such as cleansing milk is also a way so that all the dirt on the face is taken out. To clean the face with cleansing milk should be in a way to clean it rotate rapidly because if left too long can cause the oil fields there disusu can be absorbed by the face.
3. After cleaning your face using a cleansing milk immediately to clean the face using a soft cotton. The trick is to clean the face using a cotton face outwards to menganggkat all the dirt in the face and helps to open the pores of the face.
4. By cleansing the face with cleansing milk is not enough for the whole dirt on the face is not all lifted and clean and therefore should continue to use soap to clean the face. Better clean the face with a shower seklaian because it can clean up the dirt on the body can also clean the dirt on the face so that the face can look back more refreshed after bathing.
5. After a shower and clean your face with soap next is to use moisturizing cream or liquid that can make the face moist. By using a moisturizer or liquid moisturizer Kirm then the face can avoid dry skin and always felt damp every day.
The above is one way ynag recommended by doctors to wash or clean the face. As we know the procedures for cleaning the face is right and good that we can minimize problems and disturbances that arise in the face. Selian we also can make the face clean and maintained their health. read also : bayi susah bab

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