Tips on How to Overcome belekan Eye In Infants

When your child’s eyes filled with belek or dirt, of course, you as a parent would feel worried, especially if the eyes are also turned into red. In infants this condition tend to be more susceptible than adults. Eye condition as it was caused from irritation, allergies, eye duct obstruction to the nasal cavity, to eye infections caused by viruses and bacteria.
Common causes of eye belekan in infants



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You need to know, tears are produced each day has a function to moisten the eye in order to maintain moisture and kebersihanny. Then, if the channel leading into the eyes there is blockage of the nasal cavity, the dirt that comes out of the eye will not be issued, which will cause the accumulation of debris or better known as belekan. Dirt in the eye will be many more if the production of tears too much, let your pet when the baby often cries.

Then, if if your child’s eyes slightly reddish color then the condition is caused by a viral infection. The term for the eye condition as it is Pink Eye. The eye condition often occurs when a child is experiencing flu or colds. In general, viruses that attack or causes the condition is a virus that has the type of norovirus. However, the conditions in the small red eyes are also accompanied Belek is not only caused by the virus, but also may be due to irritation or an allergic reaction.

Relation red eye with viral infection
There are more than 200 types of viruses that are known to cause the symptoms of a cold or flu and of course included with a sore throat, cough, and runny nose. With such conditions, could lead to virus attacks the eyes become red and sometimes also accompanied by belekan. This condition is very common in a baby. Therefore, you as a parent should immediately address it because it can interfere with vision.
But there are also some cases where belekan eye conditions in infants occurs caused from bacteria. Red eyes caused by bacteria are far more dangerous than that caused by a viral infection. When the child’s eyes was attacked by bacteria, then there are symptoms that generally would seem that dirt child’s eyes will be greenish and the white part and the lower eyelid will change color to reddish. When this eye condition attacking the child, the swelling of the eye will occur more quickly, causing your pet baby will be more finicky.
How to cope with the baby’s eyes belekan
To overcome belekan eye on your pet baby, then you must first know the cause. Because as has been mentioned earlier that the cause of these eye conditions some kinds. If the eye condition caused by blockage eyes into the nasal cavity, the right thing to do is massaging the bridge of his nose in your favorite baby. However, if you do not know the correct way then you should consult beforehand to someone more expert pediatricians suppose. Then if due to a virus, then you have to frequently clean the dirt in the eyes using cotton wool and warm water, and always give milk so that their immune system is getting better. Then, if irritation or allergies then you should immediately visit a pediatrician. And lastly, if it is caused by a bacterial infection, the child must take medication that type of antibiotics and of course you have to take him to a doctor first.

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